Misplaced NYC

In this project by photographer Anton Repponin and writer Jon Earle, New York City landmarks have been misplaced to unknown locations for unknown reasons. Check out Misplaced New York.

The Guggenheim // The Metropolitan Opera // The Standard Hotel

Rule To Live By // 04

This week I got hit pretty hard with a sinus infection and spent a few days in bed with all of the tissue boxes. My head did not literally explode from the pressure, though I was sure it might and then someone would have to tell the children.

I tried to do all of the things, but now am having to accept that my body will shut this mother down when my brain goes overboard. The get-it-girl's age-old power struggle.

Self-care, people. I need to work on that.

I doodled a phrase my friend Lili always uses. She's full of useful mantras, that one.

Take care of your square. Every dang day.

While deathlike and in bed, I enjoyed some solid Internetting. I also devoured Lemonade like 8 times and then read about 18 thinkpieces about it.

The Manologue // explaining mansplaining

The Tampon Tax //  file under: unacceptable

Missy Elliott's Instagram // pure joy and talent

A Blind Mind's Eye // brains are so neat

Who's 'They'? // because pronouns matter, binaries don't, and it's hard to sum a person up in one word

On Prince, Blackness, and Sexuality // a purple reign

Shawn Huckins Be Like

This morning I discovered Shawn Huckins. I love his Paint Chips series the most, but I died over The American Revolution Revolution and The American ____tier.  

File under: 1.) SH, be my friend. 2.) Fantasy classroom posters. 3.) Fantasy English class project for high schoolers.