Hi there. My name is Amal. I get most excited about school supplies, fish tacos, and flea markets.

After spending significant chapters of my life in Los Angeles, Virginia, and New York City, I've settled in Philadelphia with my husband. We like it here a whole lot.

I teach students English at Science Leadership Academy, where we believe that inquiry is fuel and that learning never ends. I get to empower young people to think critically, express freely, and be their best selves. I feel really fortunate that this is what defines so much of my world. 

Hello Homeroom is my personal blog where I hope to challenge myself creatively and document the things I make and learn: in my classroom, in my head, and with my hands. I'll share my adventures in and around beautiful Philadelphia, my reflections about high school teaching, the design projects that tickle a different part of my brain, and the little things that inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by. How nice that you're here.

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  1. Hi, Amal, I love your note-taking article and seeing all the cool examples. Could you send me your rubric, please? Here's a blog I wrote about my note-taking, image making practice. I let ideas and images flow through me and then develop them into finished drawings. http://www.beatingtheoddsnow.com/beating-the-odds-by-taking-notes/ Warmly, Laurie