Classroom Color Inspiration

I'm starting the school year in a new classroom, and I decided to go all out and paint the space before moving into it. I get silly over things like this. I'll share some photos of the overhaul soon.

Choosing paint colors was pretty tough, so I decided to look through my collection. Yes, I collect pictures of colors and combinations.* I realize this is kind of weird, but it was definitely interesting for me to look back through the images to see that I'm apparently attracted to the same ones over and over.

For now, here is some color inspiration for your weekend!

*Images linked to sources

Your books: I want them.


You read.

You've shelved novels and essays and memoirs and nonfiction texts. There are so many titles that were picked for your book club, that came up at dinner parties with your friends, that you recommended to your family members.
Maybe your home is full of them. Shelves and shelves and shelves of ideas loved and consumed. From classics to new releases, intellectual challenges to beach reads.
Here's what I'm thinking: You should send them to me.

I don't want them for myself. I want them to fill my classroom. I want my students to be impossibly compelled to read them, to have that irresistible urge to READALLOFTHETHINGS -- the one I get when faced with the bookstore's beautifully organized table collections: "Books Everyone Should Read" or "Summer Reading" or "Staff Picks" ... every. time.

I don't have specific titles or types in mind. My students are as diverse as the bookshelves you can imagine. They grapple with complex ideas. They care about important issues. They're curious and thoughtful about the world we all live in. They read at high school and college levels. 

I'll take one or ten or a hundred books.  

Will you do it? Will you send an envelope or a box my way
(Will you remember that media mail is awesome?) 

Tell me how I can help.
Then let me thank you.