31 Days Of December

I am so delighted that I've seen this project come to life.

My dear friends, Kate and Oliver, have been putting together and sharing a beautifully curated guide to quality gifts for men.  For each day in December, they list five well-made and thoughtfully designed products in a certain category.  Day One was specifically created for blue shirts, because they are perfect and versatile and everyone needs multiple (girls, too).  Two was for socks. There is a selection of lovely watches to consider on Day Nine.  Day Six gives due attention to the underrated household slipper.

I know I struggle to shop for the grown-up boys in my life, and the items they have chosen for their site are so wonderful.

Also, these kids write terrific copy.  I'm obsessed.

I'm working hard to not buy some of these things for myself.  Though this guy is really calling my name.

I'm excited to check back for what the twelve remaining days will bring!

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