Making massive decisions makes everything feel a little bit different, in the best way possible.

We really hit the ground running in 2014.

That's because in December, right before the holidays, we got engaged!


It felt like this.  It still feels like this.  I hope it doesn't go away, feeling like this.

We got really excited.  And our families got really excited.  And our friends.

And our to-do lists basically exploded with excitement.

I was living in a whirlwind throughout January, trying to organize the priorities and manage the anxieties in February, and now I'm back to being straight-up thrilled about all of the things.

We're.  Doing.  This.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! This is wonderful news. :) I love this new blog theme btw. Also, I think your work using Twitter in the classroom is really great. I may want to do a blog post on it for my agency. I'll get back to you on it. :) Hope everything else is going well and that you get lots of moments of just embracing this awesome adventure in your life. :)


  2. thanks! great to hear from you!