Pretty City // Fitler Square

I stuff my laptop and camera into my bike basket and head off to explore a new neighborhood.

Typical summer weekday.

When school is not in session and I can explore a different balance between work and play, I find new-to-me spots and call them home for a few hours. 

A few days ago I rode in the direction of Fitler Square. I parked at Rival Bros. Coffee, where the Loretta Lynn playlist was righteous and the outdoor table I scored was perfect for puppy and baby watching. I cleaned up a unit plan until I had overstayed my WiFi welcome. 

Then my grandma tastes got the best of me and I took a long walk and snapped photos of little houses and their flower boxes.

This is my idea of a reward for a little bit of work. This I could do all day.


And now I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite house in Philadelphia. Hanging Plant Heaven. 



My future friends live here, I know it.

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  1. Man, I envy your life! (Not saying that I think it must be perfect but I miss those summer, kid-free and teaching-free days!)