Design Shout-Out // The Philly 10K

Just a few days ago I said out loud, "I like running, I just kind of hate races."

I ran the Philly 10K this morning, and I totally retract that statement. Selfishly, it combined so many things from which I derive pleasure and appreciation. 

These things are partially running-related.

They are mostly design-related.

Beginning with that lovely logo.

THE COURSE. An urban course is my favorite. I can ride my bike to the start, and enjoy a short ride home afterward. The streets shut down for the morning and I get to experience familiar neighborhoods in a new way. There's so much to look at, people come out to cheer, and it's perfectly suited for my semi-ADD brain.

I especially love the website's course map, featuring beautiful images of the city blocks that are covered on race day.

THE BEFORE & AFTER. Instead of an overblown race expo, there was a Bibs and Beers Pickup Party in Headhouse Square, featuring delicious food trucks and really excellent swag. It was like a completely chilled out running farmer's market. After the race, too, there was a beer garden, some Shake Shack custard, some free Saxby's coffee, and other treats that I actually wanted. People were hanging out on South Street enjoying a terrific summer Sunday.

THE SWAG. I never buy event merchandise, and often end up giving away the stiff, ill-fitting free t-shirts that come with most race registrations. I blurted out a good "Heck yeah!," then, when I saw all of these terrific designs printed on soft, nicely-fitting shirts. 

And I bought one (guess which), and am cheerfully wearing it right now.

Also, instead of medals, runners received this absolutely beautiful hand-drawn, hand-screened map of the course, which I plan to hang up in my classroom.

It was made by the talented folks at Eyes Habit.

What a delightful way to close out the summer running season. I'm already excited for next year and planning to peer pressure all of my friends into joining me.

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