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Outside of the school day I'm a huge fan of the Nomad Office. I like to pack up my laptop or paper pile and find a new spot to get some work done. A teacher's work is never done at 3pm, and nights, weekends, holidays, and summers are usually part of the deal.

Making new office spaces one of my most common ways to explore the city. This series will share with you some of my favorite spots.

My deal-breaker criteria for all Nomad Offices are only:
- Free WiFi
- Seating
- An atmosphere where I don't feel pressured to leave

Everything else is gravy.

This past weekend I spent some time at Elixr Coffee in Center City.

Elixr Coffee // Center City
207 S. Sydenham Street
(a tiny street just off of Walnut Street, between 15th and 16th)

VIBES // Elixr is energetic and not too loud. The playlists are awesome and it's still possible to drown them out with headphones if that's your thing.

SEATING // Seating is plentiful, with some nice variety in options. There's a bench and coffee table closer to the door. There's a counter/bar stool situation by the front window. There are smaller tables and a larger community table. I sat in a comfy chair by the window to feel some sunshine.

BONUS // There are plenty of outlets! This is not a given in coffee shops.

YUM // I ordered a regular coffee, and it was delicious. The staff was friendly. I haven't eaten at Elixr yet, but in peeping other people's treats I think I will next time.

ANOTHER BONUS // Elixr regularly organizes art installations and commissions murals. It's the coolest.

On a related note, check this out: Emily's Philadelphia Coffee Shop Diaries is one of my favorite collections, and the Instagram hashtag is a favorite I've discovered since moving here.

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