Secret Language of Birthdays

I remember diving hard into the Secret Language of Birthdays book when I was a kid, and I just got sucked back in to the website now!  I've essentially used this 40 year study of 20,000 people to analyze my relationships with all of the important people in my life.

Perhaps this is a waste of time.  Maybe there is no such thing as birthday science.  

But hey.  This is really fun.

I'm mostly enjoying my own disturbingly accurate birthday facts.

B O R N   O N   O C T O B E R   2 3 

"Truth to tell, they do bore easily and so are often on the lookout for excitement. Therefore what appears heavily stressful or difficult to others may actually be enjoyable to them."

(See also: my loving relationship with New York City)

"Most October 23 people are not so big on planning. They have a talent for improvisation, and therefore tend to deal with situations as they arise."

(This has presented a happy balancing act for my teaching life.)

I am also:

- constantly struggling to balance all areas of my life (um, yep),
- prone to an active life that allows for growth and change (yay!), and
- good at handling emergency situations (I killed a spider in my apartment just yesterday -- proof)

Do you typify your birthday, too?


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