In My Brain / 02

clockwise, from top left:

1.  GO.  The stunning photography on Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot's blog gives me quite the travel itch.

2.  MAKE.  I would like all future communications to be just like this modern day snail mail.  Please and thanks.

3.  LISTEN.  David Foster Wallace's 2005 speech at Kenyon College captures everything I try to tell my students about what it means to be educated, and the freedom that comes with it.

4.  HAVE.  If there is a way to make cheese last longer, I want it.  These cheese bags from Mignon are beautifully designed, to boot.


  1. OK thank you for turning me onto that blog - woa serious wanderlust going on over here now.

    xx Alecia

    1. Aren't their photos just bananas? I sort of have to stay away sometimes, too!