Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs

It's been stupidly cold.  We've had the teasers of warmth - those two days in the fifties (a heatwave!) where I remembered about running - but mostly it's been kind of unfortunate out there.

It would be all too easy to come home from work on a winter Friday and not leave again until Monday morning, when there would be actual consequences.  Fuzzy Slippers > What's Out There.  In the comfort of my apartment I can imagine happiness and warmth and light.

The reality, however, is worth exploring.  Even in the most miserable misfortunes of winter's dark times I can find a way to love this city.


Partially because it's full of colors and hidden treasures.  That definitely helps.

I'm glad I put on real shoes and made my favorite people meet me down in TriBeCa recently.  It's a neighborhood I can only occupy in my richkidfantasy, and on Sundays for brunch and walks.


I would like to recommend to you one of my favorite little spots in the city:  Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs in TriBeCa.

It's really adorable, inside and out.  Their graphic designer did a great job.  It's even pink.  I mean, come on.



If you're grown-up enough to make a reservation, indicate that you would like to be fireside.  The folks there are accommodating when I ask for that, which is always.

Living in this city teaches you that good fireplace is not to be passed up.  So do ask for it.


And even with your hat underneath your hood, don't stop looking up.  This place has layers.



  1. lovely pictures, amal! btw, what camera do you use? i am thinking about upgrading! also have you tried bubby's in tribeca? decadent and delicious.

    1. thanks, friend! i use a Canon 60D, and I love it. bubby's has been on my list for a long time! the neighborhood is full of treasures!