Weekend movie matinee for one

I confessed to the students in my film studies class that I love going to the movies by myself.

(The expressions on their faces didn't fully reflect the awesomeness I was projecting.)

It's true. Going to the movies might be my favorite solo activity. I would like to recommend it to everyone in the universe.

I would like to further recommend a contraband coffee and bagel for a weekend matinee.

Saturday morning I rode my bike down to Old City to see Still Alice, which is excellent and crushingly sad. In a room full of senior citizens I sobbed into my coffee, admired Julianne Moore's glowing excellence, and totally verified that going to the movies is not a friend-thing.

Oh hey!
I also did this other thing I used to do all the time, which I had almost entirely abandoned since moving: I carried my camera.

Here are some photos I snapped on my walk by the waterfront and around Old City.

OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_3.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_4.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_9.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_11.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_15.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_14.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_18.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_20.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_23.jpg OldCity_20150208_Lifestyle_24.jpg

Have I mentioned that I really, really love Philly? Because I really, really do.

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  1. Confession: I used to skip class in college to go to a matinee, usually the theatre on 12th and University. Then, I would walk down to West Broadway and window-shop (or do real shopping, to the detriment of my credit...). It's the best.