Typography Inspiration

It's been a pleasure to spend part of my summer diving into some graphic design projects. I'm using a part of my brain that gets a little atrophied during the other ten months, and going through the design process, re-learning skills, and making things from scratch is equally challenging and refreshing.

I've been using Instagram to follow artists whose work I admire, and it's been fun adding some typographic inspiration into my feed. Here are some of the accounts I've started following lately:

@christophercraig_ // Terrific hand-lettering, in mostly black and white

@thetypehunter // Curates vintage type and illustration, and a nice burst of colors in the feed

@danielgurwin // Lettering and design projects with dynamic layouts and logos

@highpulpla // Cool style, and lots of process shots

@see_mahimkar // Fun variety in style, all the way from India!

The Internet is so cool.

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