Rule To Live By // 03

He always proves that he knows me better than I give him credit for.

For my birthday, my husband gifted me this print:

It's beautifully illustrated by a letterer/designer I admire. I need to find the perfect spot to hang it.

It's also a quote I love. 

My mind connects it to the Kurt Vonnegut reading we chose for our wedding last year.

I'm grateful that I've made up my mind.
And I get to be pretty dang happy these days.

Not long ago, a dear friend asked me what my superpower is.
"What are you better at than most people in the world?"

"Finding happiness," I replied.

It's a weird superpower. I'm pretty sure it's inherited from my mom, whose freakish optimism exceeds all human expectations.

I mean. I still feel all of the things.
And am sometimes overcome with anger.sadness.guilt.exhaustion.self-doubt.anxiety. like everyone else.

But mostly, I can find the bright side.
It's usually a question of how full my glass is.

A bright outlook is easy, I guess,
for the generally kickass hand I've been dealt.

And I'm not sure what there is to do about that,
except share.

So I try.

Gratitude is the starting place. 
More and more I realize that it's the biggest of all the feelings.

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