Pocketed // Weekend Reading

My browser has twenty-ish tabs open at any given time. This is my normal.

I mean. You can't expect me to NOT click. The internet is a wonderful, magical animal.

I want to read all of the articles, peruse all of the websites, and learn all of the things. 

But then the tabs get so tiny because they are all squished into the screen. And I can't see what's what, so I get bummed out.

I was in this ridiculous self-inflicted cycle for a long time.

Thankfully, Pocket came to my rescue. It's now one of my most-used apps, and I recommend it to everyone. I feel less stressed when I have clicked on dozens of links to things I want to read, because I can just put them into my Pocket. It saves all of the articles and websites and posts and I can read them later. 

I especially love:
- The Chrome extension, so I can just press a button to save things
- The social media extension, especially on Twitter
- the phone app, which syncs to enable offline reading (hello, subway rides)
- the sharing feature, so my husband and I can place readings into one another's Pockets and then talk about them eventually

Here are some of the items I've saved for this weekend, straight out of my Pocket:

Happy reading ... now, or later's cool, too.

Killer collage art by Bene Rohlmann
This post is not sponsored by Pocket. I'm just telling you about what works for me.

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