Rule To Live By // 04

This week I got hit pretty hard with a sinus infection and spent a few days in bed with all of the tissue boxes. My head did not literally explode from the pressure, though I was sure it might and then someone would have to tell the children.

I tried to do all of the things, but now am having to accept that my body will shut this mother down when my brain goes overboard. The get-it-girl's age-old power struggle.

Self-care, people. I need to work on that.

I doodled a phrase my friend Lili always uses. She's full of useful mantras, that one.

Take care of your square. Every dang day.

While deathlike and in bed, I enjoyed some solid Internetting. I also devoured Lemonade like 8 times and then read about 18 thinkpieces about it.

The Manologue // explaining mansplaining

The Tampon Tax //  file under: unacceptable

Missy Elliott's Instagram // pure joy and talent

A Blind Mind's Eye // brains are so neat

Who's 'They'? // because pronouns matter, binaries don't, and it's hard to sum a person up in one word

On Prince, Blackness, and Sexuality // a purple reign

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