In My Brain // Back To School Edition

<-- how I've felt about school basically forever

The children are here and whiteboard real estate is already extremely limited. Here's some of what's in my brain as Year 13 kicks off:

ZACK MORRIS IS TRASH // Shoutout to Mason for this treasure

STICKS // This is the first text I read with 12th graders. It's two paragraphs long and, in my opinion,  captures so much to discuss about what literature can be (George Saunders' brilliance).

ON DISTRACTION // A resonating read (and I won't tell you how many times I started it before finally finishing it): "In its strictest sense, to be distracted means to be perplexed, confused, bewildered; a distracted person is out of touch with the person they used to be; a person “beside themselves,” who has to be reminded; a person drawn asunder, pushed away, pulled apart, turned aside; a person “depersonalized,” who’s lost their grip, their footing, their mind."

NYPL KILLING IT ON INSTA STORIES // I love this and obviously my first thought was: Ohmygoshthiswouldbesuchacoolprojectformykids

READING WITH A PENCIL // This is pretty close to what I teach and preach all day long.

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