In My Brain // Trying To Get It Right

For all the confidence and excitement I feel about the work I do in my classes,
(which I recognize is a tremendously fortunate series of circumstances already)
I probably experience the same amount of dread and fear that I'm doing it all wrong
and ruining a young person's day/week/life without meaning to.

Like, maybe daily.

And realistically: there's a <0% chance that's true.

Sure, I'm doing my best with what I know and what I've got,
neither of which are constants from one day to the next.

And there are a million ways to achieve the objectives --
if I've even identified the right objectives in the first place --

at least as many ways as there are brains in the room.

So many brains that want and need and deserve different pieces,
and only one of me bringing what I've designed for that day.

It can be crushing going down that spiral.
Seems reasonable: the stakes are high.

I remember my own teachers -- the best ones and the worst --
all of them so critical in shaping who I am
and what I believe about myself and the world.

So I'll continue to do my best
and grow what I know and what I've got.

With that, some recent open tabs:

*Photo of a 9th grader's rad notebook

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