Squirrelly. Itchy.

Standardized testing hurts my heart more than I anticipate it will each year. 

This week I saw our most beautiful classroom walls fully covered. 
I saw our students sitting in rows, silent, bored, squirrelly. 

I had to reprimand a student for drawing on her scrap paper, since drawing is against the rules, and I haven’t really recovered from the self-hatred that induced. 
With another student, I had to communicate with my eyes that it is not okay to have a snack right now. 

What would have normally been a room full of bright, energetic, and curious teenagers was instead a room full of hoods-up, heads-down, eyes-blank lumps.

The week’s joy has been a bit drained around here.

Plus, Philadelphia has decided to approach springtime with its best 55-degree cloudiness.

I've started fantasizing about switching up my classroom setup and decor for next year. I'm all kinds of itchy about it. How lovely is this classroom?! I'm in the brainstorming phase and love this flexible-seating paradise.

That's all for now. I thought it was Friday today and yesterday and the day before and being wrong each time felt legitimately unnerving. 

Happy almost Friday :)

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