The Internet Keeps On Giving

Life is good and busy. Today my ninth grade students conducted a fishbowl discussion on To Kill A Mockingbird that was so good I might just stop going to work because they really don't need me, and probably no one would notice. My 12th graders are learning about film noir and watching Double Indemnity, and the one-liners are slaying me. I'm undoubtedly having the most fun in the room.

This week Teacher2Teacher shared my post from this past fall about vulnerability. That was pretty cool :)

I'm not making time to write much more right now, so instead I'll offer you some mid-week treasures from the Internet:

humanae // Human skin tones + Pantone swatches = beautiful

Adulting is impossible // Sharing this with 12th graders so they can feel a momentary relief.

Y'all. Tegan and Sara are crushing it. Boyfriend has been on repeat.

Best of the Internet: Snoop Dogg narrates Plizzanet Earth // I cried and also maybe peed a little.

I'll likely break my never-pay-retail rule and buy this because it's seriously perfect.

The Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi // Because art.


Image source unknown // Do you know?

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