A Gift Guide For Teachers: 2013

This gift guide is part wish list and part things I already have and love.  These would all make great gifts for teachers and all of the other learners in your life.

one // pretty glass containers for the quick-reheat leftover lunch that she'll have 15 minutes to devour
two // nerds love bookends.  end of story. (har har)
three // cute notebooks can be filled with all of the things
four //  how adorable are these days of the week pencils?
five //  can a planner ever be too big?  i think not.
six // these resilient little succulents would be perfect for bringing life to classroom decor!
seven //  a desk accessory to hold those flyaway paper clips.  also.  i need gold paper clips.
eight // a fun magazine subscription is a great break from student essays.  NY Mag is my choice.
nine //  a stapler must be strong, sturdy, and dang handsome.
ten // spice up the grading pile with colors.  these are my favorite pens.
eleven //  i carry my bkr bottle everywhere.  it might be the best thing i own.
twelve //  stickygram turns photos into magnets! these could be amazing on the white board.
thirteen //  motivational posters in beautiful designs are always welcome for my classroom walls.


  1. Maybe if I post 60 fliers of this around my classroom my students will catch on?

    1. Is assigning it for homework taking things too far?

  2. This is bonkers! Everything on here is amazing - great selection!