Digital Media Concept Map

I'm beginning to introduce the topic of digital media and our messy relationship with it with the tenth graders.  To stimulate our thinking, we made a concept map on the board to include media types, actions we take as users, feelings we have about our relationships with it, and possible fears that arise. It looked like this:

My students were born in 1998, so they've never really lived on a planet without cell phones or Internet.  They're not looking at these questions through the lens of how the world has massively changed, but simply how the world just is.  It's pretty strange for them, I imagine, to step outside of their own time and space to see themselves as users and consumers in this tremendously shifting landscape.

This conversation was the tip of the iceberg to a unit on digital citizenship, and I'm excited to see how the kids form their own ideas as we progress.

Slide background borrowed from Exploding Dog.
Concept map idea borrowed from Common Sense Media.

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